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Selasa, 9 Disember 2008

Muallaf! Dimana kekuatan pendidikan Islam dahulu & sekarang?

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Two Malaysian sisters, Rohani and Rohana, run away from home to escape their wealthy father’s mistreatment. They find refuge in a small town where they get to know Brian Goh, a young Catholic schoolteacher. Brian is irresistibly attracted to the two girls. Impressed by their extraordinary courage in the face of adversity, their relationship forces him to confront the ghosts of his own childhood. Director Yasmin Ahmad explores the possibilities of emotional survival after being traumatised by loved ones. Through the wanderings of three lost souls who band together and console one another, Muallaf celebrates friendship, forgiveness, and the coming to terms with the past.


MUALLAF Director's Notes:

A good friend once told me that as a child, he was caught masturbating by his strict Catholic parents and was consequently stripped naked by them and thrown out into the streets.

Soon after, my nephew told me that his Muslim girlfriend had her head shaved bald by her own father, as punishment for dating a non-Muslim

These two accounts left me wondering how some people could survive such emotionally traumatic experiences in their childhood, inflicted upon them by the people who loved them. I also wondered what would happen if the Catholic boy met the Muslim girl.

As I was writing the script about these two worlds colliding, I myself realised that I had survived the dark patches in my own childhood by the simple yet heavy act of forgiving the people who had wronged me.

I knew at the very onset that this was a potentially heavy story. I also knew even then that I was not interested in making a heavy film. In order to determine the weight of the story, I created an analogy for myself: this film would be like 'tom yum' soup. Clear, but spicy and tangy.

And in this way, "Muallaf" was conceived. - Yasmin Ahmad

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